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Roseanne :
Posted 4915 days ago
Wonderful........thank you!
Annie :
Posted 4920 days ago
What an absolutely beautiful reminder of how awesome He is!
Jeannie from Tasmania, Australia :
Posted 4926 days ago
Beautiful! Scenery is God's creation at its best. Thank you for this wonderful site. God bless!
Jeannie from Tasmania, Australia :
Posted 4926 days ago
Beautiful! Scenery is God's creation at its best. Thank you for this wonderful site. God bless!
rahul kumar :
Posted 4927 days ago
i love it cant express with my word it can be fill by heart.
brittany :
Posted 4941 days ago
Finding out about peace and finding the love of peace and from our god. i hav change so much inside. so did my best friends in the WHOLE entire world.
thanks for making this peaceful wesite((((:
diiann63 :
Posted 4950 days ago
Your website is like a breath of fresh air - the internet is loaded with so much negativity, and your website just takes us to another place...I will visit often. Thanks for what you do :)
M S Meyer :
Posted 4950 days ago
A friend sent me one of your videos and it was really beautiful. Thank you for provideing it. Martha
gerard :
Posted 4958 days ago
Beautiful words and inspirational pictures. We need this so much today. Well done to the person or people that put this together.
Angie BA. :
Posted 4969 days ago
May you all continue to rest in the Lord because this site is truly light to our dark world and you all are a blessings to many. To know that in spite of we can still experience His everlasting PEACE. To GOD be the Glory and I truly Praise Him for this site. GOD BLESS YOU GOD BLESS YOU GOD BLESS YOU!!! In Him, Angie BA.
Charlene Stone :
Posted 4987 days ago
I have had the Interview With God on my computer for 15 years, I have so enjoyed it but 5 days ago my computer had a problem and I lost everything, today is the first day I have had it back. I want to reinstate my Interview With God Screen Saver ASAP! I have only had my computer on for 4 hours and I miss the Interview. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to sign up for this!
sarah :
Posted 4987 days ago
Thank you for this web page this is wonderfull and helps out so much. Helps with taking steps forward
Trish :
Posted 4989 days ago
This is such a beautiful website, i receieved it from a friend at
a time in my life that it brought me so much peace, i can't begin to tell you how much this has meant to me.Thank you so much. It's absolutely breathtaking.
Barbara :
Posted 4990 days ago
The Pathways to Peace presentation website is very inspirational; I will cherish it and share it with my family and friends.
Peace and Blessings
Elizabeth :
Posted 4991 days ago
This presentation is amazing. It truly is beautiful. They should show this to all the world's leaders...infact everyone should see this.
Thankyou so much
Dana :
Posted 4992 days ago
This is a wonderful website!! I will cherish it with newsletters that I will be receiving, thank you.
Rick :
Posted 4993 days ago
good job
maria del carmen :
Posted 4995 days ago
I never thought it was going to be and amazing site. I received it from a dear friend in an e-mail. He is a very nice and lucky guy.Congratulations for this site.
Brooke Doroslovac :
Posted 4996 days ago
I love all of your guys poems and clips.They are really cool.
elly :
Posted 5003 days ago
i am so thankful for the wonderful messages of our Savior through this loveing net work, keep up the great work of our Lord and thank you for allowing me to enjoy it.

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