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melissa :
Posted 4430 days ago
This web-site gives me the courage to face anything that is evil that comes my way, just knowing that God will give me peace through the hardship thank you so much
Posted 4447 days ago
I was feeling very down righ t now I lost a second brother almost 3 months ago an d haveing relationship problems here tonight ........................then this came to mind just now GOD knows exaxctly what w e need and were to go in that moment gosh ......................praise our " LORD" he knows me too well !!!!!
lily :
Posted 4447 days ago
Thank you .
Darlene :
Posted 4470 days ago
I have forwarded your web site to several people I love, and asked them to take a "few" minutes each day to visit it, and they will be rewarded. I am...
Don :
Posted 4477 days ago
I came to this sight in 2003, to this day it effects me the same way. I am glad that God has blessed this site with being still here.
renee :
Posted 4478 days ago
I was feeling a bit stressed and worried when I came upon this site, I clicked on it, it opened ....
I felt PEACE wash over me immediately. It was so powerful. Thank you Lord and thank you to the friends who created this site. I still feel it PEACE PEACE PEACE. Soooo peaceful..
Oghale :
Posted 4493 days ago
priya :
Posted 4499 days ago
it really has something which allures me to watch it repeatedly. thnx a lot dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! may god bless all of u.
Joyce :
Posted 4501 days ago
Thank you for a "awesome" website...Gods blessings to you!!!
elyfe :
Posted 4503 days ago
I thank for this very wonderful website!
so inspirational..!
God bless always..
jhoy :
Posted 4515 days ago
I thank God that He gave these person a talented to do this site..... its very wonderful....The theme reminds everyone to keep God in the Heart... God Bless!
Kim :
Posted 4517 days ago
I just love this website. It is so helpful to focus on the bigger picture of life rather then just me and my life and the worries i have. thank you Guys and keep up Jesus' mission
Ann Stringer :
Posted 4524 days ago
The love just "oozes' from your website. Many rich blessings for providing this care site.
Ruth :
Posted 4530 days ago
What a wonderful webiste. I found it through Fran from the JNA weblink. This site keeps me calm and focused on my life.
Linda Jo Chance :
Posted 4538 days ago
I want to thank you for the blessings you have provided for me. I was truly blessed to see, and hear all that you presented for my encouragement to keep on,keeping on.
MAY GOD's HAND OF EMEARSUREABLE BLESSING BE UPON YOU AND THIS MINISTRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
joanne :
Posted 4539 days ago
This is more food for my spirit and soul...thank you Jesus for giving us our daily bread.
velma banks :
Posted 4545 days ago
i love the pictures and anything to have god our father and his son jesus in it.
Fran :
Posted 4554 days ago
Awsome!! I LOVE IT! &hearts; may i ask what's the title of the background music that you used in this presentation? thanks. :)
michelle :
Posted 4570 days ago
Sam :
Posted 4571 days ago
Great website, I have to give thanks to my sister who sent me the link and to Jesus Christ for finding me.

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