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lin :
Posted 4592 days ago
beautiful site thanks
Beth :
Posted 4592 days ago
This message just calmed my heart down from life on life's terms, I just lost my dearest friend, Thank you for bringing back God's peace, love and forgiveness and I am just going to keep praying, Thank you so much. I watch it over and over and get calmer each time. Your Interview with God has blessed me more than words can express. May God bless you richly in all things.
joshua :
Posted 4596 days ago
great site
Georgianna :
Posted 4597 days ago
Thank you for the daily inspirational Quotes, they're wonderful. I'm new to finding my way to God, I feel him working in my life today and the fact that I was sent this proves i to my. God bless those who put this together. Lots of Love!!
Ann-Marie Ellen Bernard :
Posted 4599 days ago
All Amazing
TruthandLife :
Posted 4600 days ago
There can be no real peace without the truth.
The truth is the only pathway to peace.
Truth is the way.
... ... truthcontest ...
kathy oblak :
Posted 4606 days ago
What a Beautiful and Serene message.
Thank You,
Michael W :
Posted 4633 days ago
So glad to have found this again, love the words, the meaning, the music, the whole site, it is as if God is snuggled up to you talkn to you and telln you the way to go and that you are doing a good job.
Marg :
Posted 4637 days ago
I love to come to this site as it gives me a sense of
peace and inspires me to do better.
sandra :
Posted 4638 days ago
Enjoyed the interview with god. I get a feeling of hope and peace when i am lost. I have sent it to many of my friends
thank u. always sandy
Gail :
Posted 4642 days ago
I really enjoyed the presentation - it was lovely. The words of inspiration, hope and promise werewonderful to feel. "thank you"
Love Gail
Posted 4669 days ago
Sehr schoene Fotos,und eine schoene Webseite;
Ein Vorschlag,-den Text ,koennten Sie diesen bitte
in mehreren Sprachen uebersetzen,DANKE!
In meinen Fall wuerde es mich freuen ,in deutscher
Sprache,den Text dazu lesen zu koennen.
------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------
This message,for me.This site is really very Beautiful;
Thank you !
Vernice :
Posted 4683 days ago
I find this to be so very calming and inspirational. It touches my soul very deeply.
abby :
Posted 4684 days ago
Heart lifting, peaceful music, inspirational.
R N Jain :
Posted 4692 days ago
so mind provking, i just loved the interview with GOD.
Chris :
Posted 4701 days ago
Thank for being there today. I was feeling anxiety from frustration this morning. I chose to stop what I was doing and sit still and search for God. I still could not breath normally, so I picked up my I- phone and sought God through the Internet. I was lead to this web page and after reading it, my breathing was normal and I felt at peace again. Thank you for not letting the devil steal my joy.
M&M :
Posted 4716 days ago
This is so beautiful, and heart touching. Thank you.
Linda :
Posted 4726 days ago
Wonderful, heart rending...
gerrie :
Posted 4741 days ago
Love and silence in my heart
Stephanie :
Posted 4755 days ago
This website is really remarkable and inspirational. It
fills me with happiness... It truly makes me speechless and it's so amazing!! I love it and the video that fills with lovely music...

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